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The charts below list the fluid capacities for most popular domestic automatic transmissions and a variety of torque converter diameters. Please note that the charts show the fluid capacity for a new converter. Generally a converter that has been previously run will retain some fluid. Always fill a new converter with fluid before installing into your transmission. Be sure to check out TCI's selection of competition-grade automatic transmission fluids.
Transmission (w/ Stock Pan) # of Quarts
GM TH350 4
GM TH400 6
GM Powerglide 4
GM 700R4/4L60E 6
GM 2004R 6
GM 4L80E 7.7
Chrysler Torqueflite 727 5
Chrysler Torqueflite 904 5
Ford C4 5.5
Ford C6 7
Ford AOD/AODE 6.5
 Size of Converter # of Quarts
  13" 5
  12" 4
  11" 3.5
  10" 3
   9" 2.5
   8" 2
   7" 2